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Equipment and Apparatus

Please be patient.  There are a lot of pictures on this page.

On this page, you will find pictures of NBFD's equipment and apparatus.  We have an extensive collection of vehicles and all sorts of firefighting tools.  

Station 1

Station 2

Station 4

Engine 11

Engine 12

Truck 19

Tower 1

Squad 1

Boat 1

   Special Operations Unit       (Excursion)   

Emergency Rescue Trailer

Fire Safety House

Engine 21

Reserve 1

Engine 41

Engine 42

Truck 7

Station 3 was recently closed with its Engine 31 moved to Station 4 and renumbered Engine 42

Squad 1

Engine 42

Truck 19 

This vehicle has a cascade system, vehicle extrication tools as well as a generator and lots of lights.   There's lots of other heavy equipment located on this rig.

Engine 11 is our front line and newest pumper.


 Special Operations Unit

  On most calls this is the shift commanders ride, but it is also equipped with a winch and towing capacity for our Emergency Rescue Team.  We are now ERT certified for medium technical rescue.  We have 15 people trained as Emergency Rescue Technicians.  They are trained in Confined Space, High and Low Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue, as well as Swift Water Rescue.  All of this specialized equipment is kept in a trailer and can be towed to the scene.  Please note, even though its on the fender, this is no longer known as Squad 1.

Engine 21

Engine 12 is our second due engine and usually handles water supply.  However, this engine is very capable of being an attack engine.  Six years ago, when I joined the dept., this was our front line pumper.

Despite the lettering, this is now Engine 41

Tower 1 is capable of a 100 foot reach. Once properly positioned, this ladder can be extended and fighting fire within 1 minute thanks to a self-leveling feature.   Just push a button and the engine throttles up automatically and the truck  is ready to go.  At the top of that ladder is a bucket that can hold three comfortably.  Two firefighters can plug their air masks into receptacles and can stay up there for a long time.  There is also a large monitor capable of 1500 gpm.  The ladder can be controlled both at the base and in the bucket.  This truck has no tank, so it must be supplied by a hydrant, but it can be used as an attack engine due to two hoses located under the ladder by the base.  LDH is  located in bins under the ladder off the back

Boat 1


Antique Engine

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NBFD Clowns

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