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Fire Safety


Smoke Detectors

It is very important to install at least one smoke detector on each floor of your house.  The detector should be should be tested once a month and change the batteries when you set your clocks twice a year.

Fire Extinguishers

All homes and workspaces should have at least one fire extinguisher.  In the home this should be an ABC type.  Keep it in an accessible place and familiarize yourself with the controls.  If you need to use one, remember PASS.

P  Pull the Pin

A  Aim for the base of the fire

S   Squeeze the handle

S   Sweep back and forth

Get out and Stay Out

As you as the fire has been found, all people need to leave the building immediately.  Under no circumstances should you reenter to structure.  No matter how mush you love Fluffy or Fido, they are not worth your life.  There should be a meeting place for the family outside. Use a tree, the mailbox, or swingset.  When the first arriving personnel show up, the first question they will ask is if everybody is out? 

Store Products Safely

Normal household chemicals sometimes have adverse reactions to other nearby chemicals and especially heat.  Be aware of how close that cleaning solution is stored next to that old woodstove out in the garage.  When using the chemicals, be sure to properly ventilate the area.  Fumes that do not dissipate can become hazardous and in the right combination explosive.

Matches are a Tool, not a Toy

How many times have you seen a fire news story where the fire was started by a child playing with matches.  Young children should never play with them and older kids should use them under adult supervision.  Take care when using candles.  The candle should be on a stable surface and have some kind of mechanism to catch hot wax before it reaches something flammable.

Kerosene Heaters

Read and follow all directions when using a kerosene heater.  Do not place the heater near draperies or furniture.  Properly ventilate the area according to the directions.  Maintain the heater and wick.  Replace the wick before it gets worn out.


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