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New Bern Fire Department operates out of three stations as of January 1, 2004.  Our Station 3 was closed down and the crew and equipment was relocated to the other stations.

Our old station located downtown.  This building has now been taken over by the museum and is awaiting major renovations.

Our new Headquarters, also know as Station 1.  We relocated here in 2000.  Equipment stationed here is Engine 11,   Engine 12, Truck 19,  Tower 1.  Also kept here are Reserve 1, Squad 1, Boat 1, Truck 7, and Truck 5. 


Station 2 is located in the Taberna area.  I'm working on getting pictures of the new station.  Engine 21 is located here.

Station 3 used to house Engine 31.  With its closing in January, 2004, Engine 31 was relocated to Station 4 and redesignated Engine 42.  Engine 42 is now Reserve 1 at Station 1

Station 4.  Engine 41, Engine 41 are located here.


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