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New Bern Fire and Rescue is committed to training.  The state of North Carolina requires all firefighters paid or volunteer to receive at least 36 hours of training a year.  This training consists of classroom lectures, as well as practical hands on training.  We do live burns as well as just look through the trucks and get familiar with the equipment.  We practice search and rescue as well as other firefighting techniques.

Below are pictures of driver training taken at the old Montgomery Wards Parking lot.  This was the first time I ever drove one of the trucks.  Not only was it fun but I got a new appreciation for putting one of these things down tight alleys.  All Driver Operators must complete this course once a year. 

Engine 11 going through the serpentine.

Truck 19 enters the course while Engine 11 completes it.

Truck 19 enters the three point turn area

Truck 19 backing up through the serpentine.  Its harder than it looks.

Engine 11 going up the narrowing alley.  The entrance is about one foot wider than the end.  At the end, the truck has to get as close as possible to the cone without touching.  Then they have to back out.

Here's Engine 12 going through the serpentine

We also had to go through a long alleyway and back out, back into a very tight bay, go through an off set pair of cones, as well as parallel park these things.  I always thought the big red truck with all the lights never had to parallel park to fight a fire.

We also try to do as many live burns as possible.  Several departments usually get together for this type of training.  The house below was generously donated to a neighboring department (Station 31).  This house is on waterfront property and was burned to make room for a new dwelling.  Several departments took advantage of this day and received some very good training.

After numerous entries simulating room and contents, the house was finally burned to the ground.

Propane training.  We burned about 800 gallons of propane this day as well as responded to a structure fire on the opposite side of town.


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